Saturday, 12 November 2011

What is a better option-Invisible braces or Invisible aligners?

While contemplating over the question of what best suits your needs, the first thing passing through your mind is your comfort. No matter how much effective an orthodontist appliance or a treatment is, you will always tend to look for its demerits or side-effects.

Given that there are a wide variety of options available in terms of the braces, it is quite natural to get confused over what to choose and which one to avoid. The best advice that anyone can give you is choose that option that gives good results while at the same time eliminates the side-effects to minimum levels, causing less discomfort. With traditional braces, besides their clunky look, their application can alter your lifestyle, even if it is for a limited period of time. One of the significant results is exhibited in your appearances especially while laughing. They also restrict the kind of food you can eat, might stain your teeth, taking care of your oral health becomes an arduous task, to remove them a visit to dentist is necessary. The time period of treatment usually lasts between two to three years.

A clear alternative to them are invisible braces that make them less noticeable to others. However, they are better for those willing to endure the hardships that braces bring with them. To avoid both the pain and the visibility, one can choose aligners that are plastic trays used in the modern dental healthcare practices to bring the teeth back in their most ideal positions. All this is take care of without any side effect that otherwise you will face if going for traditional braces.

For someone looking for enhancing his/her appearance, smile designing is one of the most important features that results in drastic improvements. A smile designing may involve one or the several procedures that include closing gaps between teeth, bonding crooked teeth, crown, mouth reconstruction gum enhancement, implants, veneers, teeth whitening etc. A perfect smile gives a boost to your confidence and leaves behind a charming effect on others. The different procedures mentioned above are applicable after careful examination of a patient's physical appearance of teeth, face, skin color, hair etc. Getting the teeth aligned is the first step towards a beautiful smile.

ClearPath provides comfortable, easy to use and most importantly, affordable orthodontic appliances like Invisible aligners, best alternative to invisible braces that take care of your teeth which is hassle free and leaves your lifestyle untouched. They have a flexible design and are suitable to be used and treated by all age groups alike and can be customized as per individual need. The plastic used is FDA approved and aligners have smooth edges that prevent your gums and cheeks from unwanted irritation.

This computerized & digital clinical system is used in hundreds of clinics in the KSA, India, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Egypt and across the Middle East. The popularity is growing at an incredible rate. All you have to do is wear a series of clear wafer thin transparent removable aligners, which gently guide your teeth from their present to the desired position and get rid of your dental problems.

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