Saturday, 5 November 2011

Clear braces for a confident smile

Shying away from wearing braces is not just a teenage problem. Grown-ups also get confronted with this dilemma more often than not. The biggest impediment behind wearing a metal brace is its appearance. Since, a metal brace is distinctly visible while speaking or laughing, people altogether avoid wearing them. These are fixed to the teeth via wires and thus one cannot remove them easily. A dentist's supervision is necessary every time one needs to remove them. So, it is not practical for them to be removed at will.

However, wearing them is a necessity for those facing dental problems. These may range from teeth crookedness, chipping, malocclusion, bad breath, gum disease and more. Also, if the condition is ignored for a certain period of time, it may get worse and might lead to heart disease as well. It is common sense then to face some trouble for a short period of time and get rid of the illness altogether that otherwise may lead to unwarranted complications.

But if given an option of appliances that are practically the same as clunky metal braces but made of a material that makes them less noticeable, how appetizing would that be for anyone? The clear braces are the invention of modern orthodontists that serve as a solution to the problems posed by metal braces. While they function in a similar manner, the biggest and attractive difference is that they are virtually invisible. These braces are made of ceramics or plastic alloys but are less stable than metal ones. Surely, when one can enjoy all the benefits with lesser suffering why won’t they choose clear braces? Even though some of the restrictions that come with the traditional braces are valid here as well but their design has removed the biggest roadblock that resists one from wearing them at first place.

ClearPath has gone one step further and developed clear / transparent aligners which are completely invisible and equally effective as braces. These provide much better aesthetics and eliminate the discomfort of having braces whether metallic or ceramic in your mouth. So now, one can wear them and smile, shout and laugh heartily in public without any inhibitions. The path leading towards achieving the dream of having the beautiful smile that boosts confidence isn't that difficult anymore. Hence these serve to be perfect replacements for any kind of braces as they are removable, do not require much supervision and are as effective as metal braces.

ClearPath provides comfortable and affordable orthodontist appliances like Invisible aligners that without altering your normal lifestyle take care of your dental needs. A system of clear aligners that is flexible in design is suitable to be used for treatment of all age groups alike and is customizable as per individual need. They are a wiser choice when compared to clear braces. The plastic used in their manufacture is FDA approved and our aligners have smooth edges that prevent your gums and cheeks from unwanted irritation. This computerized & digital clinical system is used in hundreds of clinics in the KSA, India, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Egypt and across the Middle East. The popularity is growing at an incredible rate. All you have to do is wear a series of clear wafer thin transparent removable aligners, which gently guide your teeth from their present to the desired position and get rid of your dental problems.

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