Thursday, 17 March 2011

Finding a good and reliable aligner solutions provider

Finding a good and reliable aligner solution provider may be a daunting task for you if you are not aware about the aligners. I am going to discuss in this article about ClearPath and why you should go for it.

About ClearPath:

1. ClearPath was incorporated in USA in 2008 after over 3 years of Research & Development.

2. Lately, we have established our headquarters & manufacturing unit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to cater to Asian & North African countries.

3. Our mission is to deliver high quality, affordable, clear orthodontic aligner solutions to the global market.

4. Most of our staff members have over 8 years of experience in the field of clear orthodontics.

5. ClearPath has successfully completed a number of clinical trial cases before introducing it for clinical use and these have proven to be highly successful in correction of a variety of malocclusions including mild & moderate cases.


1. An aligner is a custom made clear plastic tray that fits over your teeth and corrects their mal-positioning.

2. Aligners are made in medical grade plastic, ClearPath uses FDA approved plastic, made by Raintree Essix, Inc. USA to make aligners.

3. Each aligner moves teeth a little bit by exerting light, continuous & uninterrupted pressure on them.

4. These aligners provide a hygienic, convenient and a clear solution for the correction of malocclusion without having to wear brackets and wires.

5. These aligners are removable and patients can eat, brush and floss their teeth and enjoy their normal life.

6. These aligners are nearly invisible and nobody can notice the aligners when you are wearing them.

7. ClearPath aligners are made by an internationally patented unique process, which involves advanced technology supported by customized software and mechanical systems.

8. The treatment comprises of a series of aligners. Each set has to be worn by the patient for ~22 hrs in a day for 2 weeks before advancing to the next set. Treatment duration is 6-24 months depending on the severity of case.

9. Age limit for usage is 14 to 65 years of age.

10. Aligners put precise and light forces on to teeth so it is not painful but a slight discomfort may be experienced at the beginning of treatment, which goes away within 24 hours. Aligners are made in medical grade plastic unlike metal wires braces, which hurt your cheeks and lips.

11. Aligners are not a new appliance. Millions of People have already been treated with aligners in developed countries like USA, UK, Middle East and other European countries and their number is increasing every day.



1. CUSTOMIZED: Your doctor will take precise impressions and customize your aligners for your teeth.

2. CLEAR: ClearPath is virtually invisible. Hardly anyone gets to know you’re straightening your teeth. So now you can align your teeth and get the smile you always desired without having any social inhibitions.

3. REMOVABLE: You can remove ClearPath Aligner to eat, drink, brush, floss or for special occasions.

4. COMFORTABLE: With ClearPath, the edges are smooth so they won’t irritate your gums or cheeks.

5. PREDICTABLE & EFFECTIVE: With ClearPath, You can see the treatment outcome even before starting it and start enjoying a better smile even before completing the treatment.


1. ACCURACY of regeneration of patient occlusion without any digital data manipulation, eliminating any potential inaccuracy of appliance fit.

2. MORE CONTROL OVER TREATMENT with our batch aligner shipment products where treatment can be modified in between batches during the course of treatment.

3. SUPERIOR CLARITY OF ALIGNERS compared to other aligners available in the market which makes it more transparent and a hygienic choice.

4. FASTER TURNAROUND TIME from the time a case is received to the time aligners are shipped back to the doctor.

5. UNLIMITED MODIFICATIONS to the diagnostic setup are allowed.

6. ACCURACY OF THE VERTICAL RELATION established at the beginning and at the end of treatment through a unique articulation process.

7. QUALITY ensured at each step of the process monitored by trained and experienced dental staff members.

8. ACCURATE AND PRECISE IPR using original patient dentition without any digital error introduced to it.

9. Original Patient Data used during the whole manufacturing process from casting to treatments and aligner fabrication which adds to the accuracy of the end product and ensures BETTER TREATMENT OUTCOME.

10. PRECISION OF MOVEMENT: The entire process is designed to deliver customized aligner that moves each tooth directly along the most efficient way to achieve the desired goal. By optimizing each aligners output, you minimize the number of aligners and intermediate changes required leading to shorter treatment times for patients, and increased capacity for practice.

11. Original gum tissue is used to fabricate aligners, thus providing LESSER NUMBER OF CLINICAL MODIFICATIONS at the time of insertion of aligners.

For high quality clear aligners and tooth positioner please contact ClearPath.

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