Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Say no to braces for a great smile !

Clear aligners treatment hit the US markets approximately 10 years back; however had negligible presence in the Asian & African orthodontic markets primarily due to the cost factor and no established manufacturer. The launch of Clearpath paves the way for this redefining treatment modality to take these markets by a storm.

‘The days of unsightly, obvious braces are nearing their end! Everyone deserves to have a bright, confident smile, and ClearPath has devised a method of obtaining one without the long and painful process of traditional braces or dramatic dental procedures” said Dr Ataat, CEO of ClearPath Orthodontics. He also added that their mission is to provide affordable and quality aligner treatment to the global market.

Whether the issue is protruded teeth, unaesthetic spacing or crowded teeth ClearPath has devised a system proven to assist patients in correcting a wide range of orthodontic issues without involving metallic or ceramic braces or any visible attachments so that while they undergo a straightening procedure no one around them would even get to know !

ClearPath aligner treatment is a new revolutionary method of orthodontic treatment through successive clear, invisible aligners that are specially customized to the distinct needs of the patient. The aligners fit over the teeth and slowly move them into the final position prescribed for the patient, in the end producing a straight smile while never interfering with day-to-day life.

This treatment can be carried out by a ClearPath certified orthodontist/dentist which depending upon the case can last between 9 & 18 months and involves around 12 to 30 aligners to be worn by the patient.

“ClearPath has allowed me to offer better options for my patients who desire to have straighter teeth without showing that they are wearing visible metal or ceramic braces. The freedom that they can enjoy while eating anything they want, brushing and flossing without the restrictiveness of metal brackets and wires makes the treatment with ClearPath worth every bit.”

- Dr Khaled Abouseada, Medical Director, Asnani Dental Clinic

Fellow – World Federation of Orthodontics

Member – American Association of Orthodontists

Consultant – Saudi German Hospital, Jeddah

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