Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Invisible Aligners can give you the straight teeth of your dreams

Invisible clear aligners are just one of the alternative to those ugly metal braces which can transform your smile to your dream smile. This series of clear, removable aligners are custom-made to fit comfortably over your teeth, gently guiding them into a new position.

Many adults would like to straighten their teeth, but fear the thought of wearing traditional metal braces. Thanks to rapid advances in orthodontic treatment in recent years, there are now a number of discreet alternative available like clear or invisible aligners

While many of these products are advertised as cosmetic teeth straightening devices, the health benefits of straighter teeth should not be forgotten. When teeth are properly aligned, with fewer gaps in which food particles can become trapped, they are easier to clean – which helps to minimise your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease.

Invisalign treatment is available to both adults and teenagers who want to straighten their teeth in a discreet and comfortable manner. You will need to come into our practice for a consultation with a dentist, who will examine your teeth and gums and assess if this is the best treatment for your needs.

Thanks to the advanced technology behind Invisalign, your dentist will be able to show you what results you can expect from the outset of treatment. If you decide to go ahead with treatment, you will be prescribed a series of clear aligners.

Every patient’s needs are different, so the exact number of aligners and length of treatment will vary from case to case – your dentist will advise you of the number of aligners required and predicted length of treatment. On average, treatment takes between six and eighteen months.You should wear your aligners for about 22 hours a day, and change them fortnightly.
For more info regarding clear aligners and tooth positioner contact us at clearpathdental.com.

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