Sunday, 22 April 2012

Smile bridges the communication gap between individuals

To say that confidence is the key to a successful person won't be an exaggeration. In fact, lesser talented or skilled individuals sometime can score over the more gifted but introvert/reclusive ones just because the former more openly and effectively expresses/present his/her ideas. It is a trait that some are born with or some lagging behind steadily cultivate it in their character. However, at the same time it should be clearly understood that it can be lost due to many reasons ranging from unlikely failure or losing/lacking some feature that others are naturally blessed with. For example, say, a smile which is a natural gift. People wax lyrical about how beautiful a smile is or how a smile can melt hearts, break ice or be a conversation starter. The fact is that every living soul on this planet won't be fortunate enough to be blessed with a beautiful smile. The reason may range from different facial features, jaw structure or dental problems like stained teeth.

Some of these may be natural while others are a result of some accident or bad lifestyle. This may reduce the confidence level resulting from the (internal) awkwardness one may face when smiling or even talking. Fortunately, there are treatments available for different types of maladies affecting the way one smiles. By altering the dental features, smile designing not only aims at improving the aesthetics but also the oral health. For example the asymmetry caused due to improper positioning of teeth can not only disfigure the smile but also become a breeding ground for oral health problems. When faced with this condition where the teeth are crowded, also known as malocclusion, the dentist will after thorough examination suggest to go for a surgery or wear dental equipment like braces, aligners and tooth positioned. The surgery is for complex cases and the dental appliances are for mild cases of malocclusions.

Smile is an effective weapon in the arsenal of a person who has to deal with other people to make a lasting impression. If you smile, others will smile back and that can act as a vital element in bridging communication gaps and this stands true especially for working professionals who have to meet with numerous clients and make tons of presentations.

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