Saturday, 17 March 2012

An orthodontist can do wonders to your smile

It is quite usual for people to wonder in amazement over the smile of others. Most of the people have been endowed with a perfect and beautiful smile that pleases everyone. For those not so lucky, they resort to cosmetic dentistry. Even famous celebrity or movie stars with their sparkling smiles may have employed the services of an orthodontist or undergone Cosmetic Dentistry to achieve the hypnotic smile. The technique involves using external means to improve jaw structure or align teeth properly using dental appliances like aligners and braces to design a perfect smile. The advances in the field of orthodontics have seen innovations that deliver high quality results in a short span of time. The various treatments may range from minor techniques like teeth whitening to elaborate surgeries like jaw reconstruction and more. The most common treatments are teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crown, dental bonding, filling and more. However, precautions must be taken before embarking upon any such treatment as other dental problems might aggravate due to reactions or ignorance.

Apart from the esthetics, visiting an orthodontist may also result in greater longevity of teeth and improved clean ability that may in turn avoid many dental problems. It can correct 'bite', bad breath, and other gum diseases and studies have also shown that bad oral health can also act as a precursor to heart ailments. For crowded teeth, one will have to wear braces or can also opt for aligners. These have to be worn over teeth for over a certain period of time, requiring changing them or refitting them regularly till the teeth have been pushed back to their ideal positions. A warm smile oozes self- confidence and radiates positive energy all around. This is especially important for people dealing with clients. People suffering from oral diseases are known to suffer from lack of confidence as they are always conscious of their teeth/smile/breath. By visiting an orthodontist, one can get rid of these problems based on the treatments suggested. The treatments are available for both children and adults.

Clearpath provides comfortable and affordable orthodontist appliances like Invisible aligners that without altering your normal lifestyle take care of your dental needs. The plastic used in their manufacture is FDA approved and our aligners have smooth edges that prevent your gums and cheeks from unwanted irritation. This computerized & digital clinical system is used in hundreds of clinics in the KSA, India, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Egypt and across the Middle East. All you have to do is wear a series of clear wafer thin transparent removable aligners, which gently guide your teeth from their present to the desired position and get rid of your dental problems. So, whatever your intentions- cosmetic or health you should take care of your oral healthcare and visit an orthodontist or a dentist regularly.

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