Thursday, 16 February 2012

What are invisible aligners?

Dental Aligners are medical appliances used by orthodontist to treat cases of malocclusion ranging from normal to severe. These work in the same way as metal braces-by applying pressure on misaligned teeth pushing them to their ideal positions. They are designed digitally after impressions have been taken of the jaw of an individual suffering from such condition. By using CAD/CAM technology, accurate model of these clear aligners are made to fit the unique needs of different patients ensuring high precision.

How they are different from traditional braces? For example, the common deterrence anybody suffering from crowded teeth faces is smiling or talking. One would desist more when wearing clunky metals on their teeth like braces, trying to correct the condition. In contrast, aligners are transparent i.e. made from medical grade plastic that cannot be noticed easily by others. In other words they are virtually invisible. Another benefit is their removability. At the time of brushing teeth or while cleaning these plastic trays, one can easily remove them as and when required. This is somewhat difficult with the braces as every time they have to be detached from the teeth, a visit to dentist is necessary. So, the oral hygiene takes a beating and to avoid that one has to be extra careful with food intake. This is to ensure that food particles do not remain stuck in them causing further problems or solid food that can cause breakage. However, aligners effectively eliminate any chances of gum problems or scars.

Also, with these invisible aligners, one can expect the least discomfort, which only occurs while wearing them for the first time that gradually lessens within a day. So, basically all the ill-effects and discomfort that braces are known for are not an issue with the dental aligners. They make it possible to have the desire of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth a reality without making it obvious to the whole world and without affecting the daily routine.

ClearPath provides comfortable, easy to use and most importantly, affordable orthodontist appliances like Invisible aligners that take care of your teeth which is hassle free and leaves your lifestyle untouched. It is a system of dental aligners that is flexible in design and is suitable to be used and treated by all age groups alike and can be customized as per individual need. The plastic we use in their manufacture is FDA approved and our aligners have smooth edges that prevent your gums and cheeks from unwanted irritation. This computerized & digital clinical system is used in hundreds of clinics in the KSA, India, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Egypt and across the Middle East. The popularity is growing at an incredible rate. All you have to do is wear a series of clear wafer thin transparent removable aligners, which gently guide your teeth from their present to the desired position and get rid of your dental problems.

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