Friday, 16 December 2011

How orthodontist and cosmetic dentistry improve one's self-confidence

The art of improving facial appearance is not just limited to a healthy skin or with the treatment that many undergo to get rid of skin ailments like acne, birth marks, mole removal and more. The way one smile is as important as any other aspect of facial beauty. A pleasant smile radiates a positive energy and an improved personality. It also leaves a positive impression while exuding ample self-confidence. But the truth is everything is not as perfect as we wish for. There will be times when one discovers a gaping hole that leads to undesirable results. For example, in the case of smile- if you do not have perfect teeth that are arranged in a symmetrical manner, the result is a crooked smile. Another reality is such conditions may lead to low self-esteem and confidence.

However, cosmetic dentistry has made it possible to bring the smile back on the faces of those suffering from dental problems that negatively affect their oral health and smile. A number of procedures can be used viz. Teeth whitening, dental implants, dental bridge, porcelain veneers, reshaping tooth, gap filling, replacing missing tooth, repositioning teeth using braces and aligners or in severe cases surgeries to treat the different dental conditions.

Even when smile is not a concern, one must remember that there are other ailments that can be a result of the condition of teeth being out of shape. So, consider visiting an orthodontist and keeping the procedures mentioned above in mind, think them as a double benefit-cosmetic as well as health at the same time. However, one must consult their dentists before opting for any such procedure. The dentist upon proper examination will suggest the best suitable treatment and whether one needs to see an orthodontist or not. However, visit one after proper research or consulting from your peers or a dentist. The cosmetic dentistry can surely give one the smile of their dreams.

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