Saturday, 24 September 2011

What makes a person wearing clear braces different from someone wearing metal braces

A typical day in the life of a person (maybe you) wearing metal braces: The person wakes up in the morning and has to instead of happily brushing teeth, will grudgingly and with utmost care brush them. Then you've the food. There are certain kinds that a person wearing metal braces will have to avoid like chewy, crunchy, and hard or food that you've to bite into and more. Then is the phase when you've to go for work/meeting/school or simply socializing with family, friends or colleagues. You're conscious as to how it will look when you smile or laugh. This makes you avoid smiling or just produce a smirk even when your heart is aching for a big laugh. After some time this may result in reclusiveness or a growing desire to avoid going outside altogether. Besides this, you may have to visit a dentist too often to check the condition of braces or cleaning teeth or for newer braces. This routine may last as long as two-three years till the treatment gets over.

Now, a typical day in the life of a person wearing clear aligners: Person wakes up in the morning. He/she has to just remove aligners, and brush his teeth normally. He can eat any type of food and does not have to avoid anything even if its pizza, chicken, dry fruits etc. These aligners need to be removed while eating. These clear aligners are virtually invisible and so not easily noticeable. So smiling while the treatment is on is not a hindrance as nobody notices that you're actually getting treatment for crooked teeth. Also, the time for the treatment is astonishingly lesser than the braces with only a few months depending on the severity of your dental problem.

It is now up to you whether to go for traditional, clunky metal braces or the newer invisible braces or even better invisible aligners. If the latter is your choice then the following paragraph is exclusively for you.

ClearPath provides comfortable and affordable orthodontist appliances like Invisible aligners that without altering your normal lifestyle take care of your dental needs. A system of clear aligners that is flexible in design is suitable to be used for treatment of all age groups alike and is customizable as per individual need. The plastic used in their manufacture is FDA approved and our aligners have smooth edges that prevent your gums and cheeks from unwanted irritation. This computerized & digital clinical system is used in hundreds of clinics in the KSA, India, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Egypt and across the Middle East. The popularity is growing at an incredible rate. All you have to do is wear a series of clear wafer thin transparent removable aligners, which gently guide your teeth from their present to the desired position and get rid of your dental problems.

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