Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What an Orthodontist can do for you?

The orthodontist specializes in dental care whose job is to correct imperfections in teeth alignment. Such imperfections are the reasons of several dental problems and a person might also want to get them corrected purely for cosmetic reasons.

Some of the problems misalignment of teeth or malocclusion may cause are-imperfect bite, snoring, speech problems, other dental problems like bad breath, tooth decay etc. These problems are either a direct or indirect result of gaps arising because of these disorientations. One of the negative effects of such a condition on a person's psycho is the low self-esteem and slight hesitation in public while talking or laughing.

An orthodontist would use one of the several diagnoses for treating such patients depending on the severity and the type of the malocclusion.

The reason behind this dental problem may be heredity or ill-habits acquired during childhood. But nevertheless, these are curable. A typical examination that might involve taking an X-ray, taking a sample of your bite to determine where exactly the imperfections are and then further treatment depending on the requirement, which might require you to wear braces or aligners or might require restoration if you are missing a tooth etc.

If you are simply concerned with the improvement of the look of your teeth; like whitening, reshaping etc, cosmetic dentistry is the answer. The reason behind stained or yellow teeth is unhealthy food habits, tobacco chewing, smoking etc. It is better to avoid them as after the treatment if you're not careful with your teeth, the blemishes will return.

Before opting for cosmetic dentistry, one should first visit a dentist for a thorough examination of your present condition to ascertain whether a simple application of braces / aligners would do or if an elaborate surgery is required.

An orthodontist might not just improve your overall health but also enhance your beauty by getting rid of dental problems esp misalignment. So if you are suffering from any of the oral problems, consult a dentist thoroughly and then after his suggestion, decide the course of action.

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