Friday, 1 July 2011

Now ClearPath’s clear plastic aligners can straighten your teeth instead of metallic or ceramic braces / wires

The most important thing with braces is that they are NOTICEABLE by everyone other than the people who are wearing them. Every dentist needs to know how ClearPath’s clear plastic aligners can be used for everyone's teeth straightening needs. These aligners can work in about 6 to 18 months time in most cases and can hardly be noticed by anyone.

The most interesting thing is to see how these aligners work. In this process A SERIES OF ALIGNERS that represent the PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENTS OF ONE'S TEETH are fabricated using a digital CAD/CAM process. . ClearPath is wire free/wireless and eliminates the need to bond metal, ceramic, wires, elastics or any other attachments onto your teeth. ClearPath aligners are invisible and removable, allowing you to eat your favorite food without any worries, give public speeches, meet clients without embarrassment or discomfort. You simply remove, brush, floss, rinse and reinsert: ClearPath will do the rest.

In order to get the teeth to move into their right spots pressure is applied through an aligner. The force that is created by an aligner is light continuous & cyclical leading to more efficient & more controlled tooth movement. After wearing a typical aligner for about two weeks, patient switches to the next set in the series of aligners. This aligner will be closer to the desired pattern that the person’s teeth need to be in.

The most useful thing to see about these aligners is that they can be removed when necessary. If a person is going to some important social / business event then he can temporarily remove the aligners from the teeth.

Similar to other types of orthodontic treatment, a retainer will be used after all the aligners have been worn and desired results have been obtained. These retainers are used simply as means of assuring that the teeth are maintained in their corrected position.

ClearPath offers predictable results visualization even before the treatment begins. If you are looking for this revolutionary aligner treatment please visit

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