Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Advantages of Aligners

In some instances, Clearpath may have certain limitations relative to conventional treatment. Aligners cost more to produce than conventional braces, and we charge dental professionals more than they generally pay for the supplies used in conventional treatment. Depending on the individual pricing policies of each dental professional, the cost of Clearpath to the patient may be greater than for conventional braces.

Dental professionals must also incorporate our manufacturing cycle times into their overall treatment plan. Once a dental professional submits a case to us, there is generally a turn-around time of 3-4 weeks before the aligners are delivered. Aligners may not be appropriate for all cases, such as severe malocclusion, which may require Aligners to be used in combination with conventional braces for optimal results.

In addition, because aligners are removable, treatment using Clearpath depends on patients wearing their aligners as recommended. Some patients may experience a temporary period of adjustment to wearing dental aligners that may mildly affect speech. We strongly believe that these limitations are outweighed by the many benefits of Clearpath to both patients and dental professionals.

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